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    Korean Auto Wreckers in Brisbane

    It is with great pride that we pay top dollar for cars of all makes and models, regardless of whether they are brand new, wrecked, or somewhere on the sliding scale between those two extremes. It doesn’t matter where they are manufactured either. And one country of origin that we are often asked about is Korea. Do we buy Korean cars? Or do we turn our noses up and say “no thanks”? The answer couldn’t be simpler: Of course we buy them. We love Korean cars. Let us count the ways.


    SsangYong Wreckers in Brisbane

    It doesn’t matter for what reason you are planning on selling your SsangYong vehicle. It might have been in an accident and is a total write off. Or you just bought it brand new and have extreme buyer’s remorse, and therefore want to get rid of it. Whatever your motivations, we will buy it, regardless of what model it is.

    We Wreck Daewoo’s

    Owning a Daewoo that for whatever reason you want to sell shouldn’t lead to sleepless nights. You will find it easy to sell, and receive a generous payment in return if you do it through us, as we are the leading car removal company in Brisbane. We buy all the Daewoo models, such as the Gentra, the Espero, The Lano, the Legnanza, the Tico and so forth. Give us a call at 0426 000 722 for a no obligation quote.

    We Haven’t Forgotten Kia’s

    Kia is Korea’s oldest make of vehicle. They are legendary for their high levels of performance. And this is why we love buying them. They have a variety of great models, and we want them all, including Kia Rio, the Kia Picanto, The Cadenza, the Borrego and the Rondo.

    Hyundai Wreckers in Brisbane

    Korea are no slouches when it comes to making great cars, and the Hyundai only solidifies their reputations as solid vehicle manufacturers. We will pay top cash for your Hyundai car, truck or Ute, not to mention SUV or 4×4, and this is regardless of model, whether it’s a Galloper, Santa Fe or Galloper. We love all Hyundai models. The Terracan or the Trajet is two more models we are more than happy to purchase. We are not limited to cars, though, happy to buy trucks and commercial heavy vehicles as well. Check out our brief guide to truck salvage for more details.


    Brisbane’s Leading Suppliers of Korean Second Hand Car Parts

    We pride ourselves on the expertise and skill with which we assess vehicles in an accurate manner, all the better to pay a fair, accurate and generous amount of cold hard cash to anyone selling their vehicle to us. That same skill goes into salvaging the parts on that car so we can have the widest variety of Used Parts to sell. We want anyone looking for a part to be able to find it. Book the desired used Korean parts online now.

    Call 0426 000 722 or fill out the easy and simple online form on our webpage, and receive a free quote. This is the stress free, simple and convenient method for selling your vehicle. Don’t waste any time and get in touch with Brisbane Wreckers today.

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