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    Cash For Japanese Cars

    Japan’s auto industry has a reputation as the third biggest in the world. Their car brands are household names. Everyone has heard of Toyota and Honda, not to mention Mazda and Suzuki. Most auto owners have owned at least one Japanese car in their lifetimes. The Japanese are truly legendary car builders. Cash For Japanese Cars

    It goes without saying that if you have a Japanese vehicle and you want to sell it quickly and easily, without any hassle and with as much convenience as possible, you would be wise to choose us as your car removal company in Brisbane. We will pay top dollar for any Japanese scrap or junk vehicle, be it truck, van, Ute or SUV. And we will remove it or pick it up for free. This goes for automobiles of any condition, new or old.


    Brisbane’s Leading Honda Wreckers

    Do you have a Honda in your back yard, cluttering up your property and being a nuisance? Or maybe you have a brand new one, and you simply are not happy with it. It doesn’t matter. We will happily buy it from you, and we will pay most handsomely. It could be an Inspire or Honda Jazz. It could be a Honda Legend, or an Odyssey, it could even be a Honda Fit. Honda Elysion. Honda Brio. The list goes on. We will buy all of them. Cash For Japanese Cars

    Wrecking Nissans in Brisbane

    Have you realised that your best bet for getting top cash for your car is through Brisbane Auto Wreckers, but are worried that we don’t buy Nissans? Worry no more, because the fact of the matter is that we do buy Nissans. All Nissans. This includes Nissan Altima’s, Leaf’s, Skylines, Patrol’s, Maxima’s and the list goes on. We also offer free pickup or removal. Cash For Japanese Cars

    Of Course, Let’s Not Forget Toyotas

    Toyotas are one of the most famous of all the Japanese cars, but we can’t get enough of them. Any model, any condition, we will pay a generous sum of cash for any Toyota. There are plenty of Toyota models and there still isn’t one that we won’t take. This includes the Century model, the Corolla, the Condor, Comfort, Innova and Avensis model of Toyota. The Hilux, Sienna and Tacoma are all fine and welcome onto our wrecking yard.

    Isuzu Wreckers in Brisbane

    We are very passionate here at Brisbane auto Wreckers, and this passion extends to the recycling and wrecking of all vehicles. Isuzu are another vehicle brand that hasn’t escaped our keen eye for vehicles to wreck. The H Series, the Rodeo, The Trooper, The Journey, all these models and more are prime examples of vehicles that we will buy. In fact, any vehicle is an example of vehicles that we will buy.

    We’ll buy your Suzuki

    Have you just bought a Suzuki, and have just realised that you actually really need that money to buy food for your family and need to sell it as soon as possible? We will gladly buy it off you, but don’t worry about getting ripped off because we are fair and accurate in our assessments. We will pay top cash for Suzuki vehicles, such as Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Front, Grand Vitara, Alto, XL7, Wagon R and so on. Call us now for a free quote.

    Sell your Subaru to Brisbane Auto Wreckers

    Subaru is without a doubt a fine brand, and often people who buy them are happy with them, that is until they aren’t, at which point they sell. And we buy. Because our process of buying is so simple and convenient, and we don’t say no to certain models, we say yes. We say yes to Subaru Forester, Imprezza, Legacy, Ace, Outback and all the rest of the Subaru models.

    Even Lexus is invited to the wrecking party

    Which isn’t surprising as they are one of the more expensive brands in this list. But even Lexus owners sometimes feel the need to sell their cars. And when they do, we are always here to help. We buy ES, LS, RX, IS, RC and GS models, plus every other model that they make. We buy all of them. No question.

    Mazda Cars Wanted in Brisbane

    Any condition Mazda will do. Fresh off the car lot, or old and worn out, plus everywhere in between. If it’s an MPV we’ll buy it. If it’s a Familia gtx or BT- 50 we’ll buy it. The Navajo, the Demio, Speed3 and Milata are all prime candidates for our purchase, simply by being cars on sale.

    Brisbane’s Leading Suppliers of Japanese Second Hand Car Parts

    We have an extensive range of car parts and will be more than glad to help you find the correct part that you need.

    Call 0426 000 722 or fill out the easy and simple online form on our webpage, and receive a free quote. This is the stress free, simple and convenient method for selling your vehicle. Don’t waste any time and get in touch with Brisbane Auto Wreckers today.

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