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Car Wreckers Brisbane

Brisbane Auto Wreckers pay up to $8999 cash for cars & offer free auto removal 

Cash For Cars  & Car Removal, Car Wreckers, Cash For Cars Near Me, Cash For Cars Gold coast

Free car removal is a top car buying company. Our goal is to provide better service at better prices. Let us know your car condition whether the damage, scrap, junk, unwanted, or accidental. You name it, we buy it! Mostly customers sell light and heavy vehicles such as Mitsubishi, Hino, Volvo, Mercedes, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Iveco, Hyundai, and Isuzu. We pay top dollar and instant cash on arrival, our prices vary between $150 – $13000 depending on the vehicle and its condition. We do not compromise the payable money on the basis of location that’s why we have more than 200+ satisfied clients daily for cash for unwanted cars. We are a car removal company based in Brisbane. We are the ones you want to call if you are sick of the old junk car, you have littering up the back lawn. Brisbane Auto Wrecking crew will happily buy that vehicle off you, and we don’t care what condition it is in.

If you see an old junk car on someone’s front lawn. You can be rest assured that the vehicle was great. It must have been. The owner decided to stick with it right up to the point where the accumulated problems, related to age. Finally stacked up to the point where a new car would cost less than getting it fixed. But why keep it past the point where it doesn’t work anymore? One can only take a wild stab at what the possible reason why that is. Maybe they are hoarders. Maybe the car has special emotional importance to them. What seems much more likely. However, is that they don’t know about


Top Cash for Unwanted Cars

Car Removal Companies are a godsend for people with junk automobiles. You see, I always thought that if you had a vehicle that needed removed because it was no good to anyone anymore, you’d need to pay to have it removed. It just doesn’t seem intuitive to think that there would be a company that would actually pay me so that they could take it off my hands. But the fact is that these guys aren’t just auto removers, they are also Used Car Buyers.

Our Top Dollar Car Removal And Disposal System

Because we offer good money for buying our customers unwanted, accidental, rusted, used, and even new cars, not all of them are scrap vehicles. In fact, some of these are hard to sell cars, while others are where owners have not time to sell them. Cash For Cars  & Car Removal, Car Wreckers, Cash For Cars Near Me, Cash For Cars Gold coast

Though we don’t resell the vehicles we buy, we do recycle them, reuse them, and resell their parts.

We also have a team of the largest and some of the best scrap yards in Sydney, and the industry’s expert auto dismantlers who go to work as soon as we bring in any vehicle.

They begin with stripping the vehicle of all its scrap components and parts and continue until it is reduced to a bare shell. Once all the parts and components are out, we then crush and press the car, making scrap metal from its frame.

We then, reuse, recycle, and resell some of the parts, components, and scrap metal of the vehicle, which is why we can offer you TOP DOLLAR on even the most useless piece of junk!

Get In Touch With Us Today To Get Rid Of Your Car

Interested in a free, no-obligation top dollar quote worth up to $7,000 on your junk or uncollected car in Brisbane? Just give us a call on eh numbers listed below or get in touch with us online by filling up an online quote form listed on our website. Cash For Cars  & Car Removal, Car Wreckers, Cash For Cars Near Me, Cash For Cars Gold coast

Our removal team will be there at your place as soon as this afternoon, and before they leave, they will hand over the quoted cash in your hand! It’s as simple as that.

If you’re looking to get rid of your Junk car then contact us online or Call Us immediately on: 0426 000 722

That is correct. The direction of the money goes in the opposite direction than you would originally have guessed, and that direction leads straight to your wallet, while the scrap heap on your lawn is a thing of the past. Getting cash for old auto machines is the future of auto removal.

The cost of removal isn’t subtracted from the cash you get in exchange for the junk car, either. There are some Cash for Cars outfits that put the responsibility of transporting the thing to their premises onto your shoulders. But the ones that also double as Auto Removal Companies will do it themselves, and they will do it for free and extremely fast. Find more on

Any Make, any model, any condition

Normally, they don’t discriminate either. The list of automobiles makes and models that a Auto Removal Company will take is as long as the list of Makes and Models that exist. Whether the vehicle that has reached junk status on your driveway is a Mitsubishi, Ford, Holden, Toyota, Isuzu or BMW. It is welcome in the salvage yard.

They don’t just take cars either. They will also take trucks, Utes, vans, SUV’s and 4×4’s. Any shape or size of vehicle is fair game for your average Auto Removal Company. The condition of the vehicle can be anything from fairly new to completely wreck and anything in between.

Auto Dismantling and Recycling in Brisbane, Queensland

What happens to the vehicle one it is purchased by the Removal Company can be boiled down to a nutshell: it is dismantled and all the individual components are sold. Even the most totaled vehicle will have a few parts that will still work on a running vehicle. Failing that, the metal that makes up most of the automobile can be sold to scrap metal yards to be melted down and re-used.

If this is the first time you have heard of a Vehicle Removal Company and you have a junk vehicle taking up space on your lawn or driveway. Now you have no excuse. Call one now and have that problem exchanged for cash.

Feel free to visit Brisbane Auto Wreckers and request a free auto removal anywhere in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and much more.

As well as that, Brisbane Auto Wreckers sell high quality used auto parts and used auto tyres. Our prices are extremely competitive and easy to afford.

Why hire Brisbane Car Wreckers?

  1. We pay up to $8999 cash for junk Car removals
  2. Our team has accumulated over 20 years’ experience combined for Car Removals
  3. We offer free car wreckers if the vehicle is completely un-roadworthy, to the entire Brisbane area, as well as the
  4. Free car Wreckers quotes – no obligation
  5. It doesn’t matter what condition the vehicle is in, or what make, model or year it is.

Buying all Make, Models in Every Condition

There is no model, make or year that we won’t take. We are so passionate about junk, scrap or unwanted cars that we want each and every one that we can get our hands on. Maybe it was in an accident. Maybe it has just gotten so old that it is no longer worth the repairs. We will buy it. Car Removal Brisbane

Brisbane Auto Wreckers buy Japanese, European, Korean, American & Classic cars for the best price. Our cash for car prices are competitive and hard to beat. Check out below the list of most famous brands we buy. Feel free to get more information by click on each brand below:

We don’t just buy cars either. We pay decent cash for trucks, Utes, vans, SUV, 4×4, 4WD and others.

Toyota, Holden, Subaru, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, Honda, Mitsubishi the list could go on and on. But basically, we will take them all. We buy all brands.

Get a Top Cash for Cars & Free Car Removal in Brisbane

Not only will we pay you cold hard cash, it will be top cash. But wait, we will also take the car off your hands using top of the line car removal techniques for free. You don’t have to lift a finger.

Second Hand Car Parts Supplier 

Brisbane Auto Dismantlers have a wide range of used auto spare parts used auto spare for sale, all in absolutely great condition. All the auto parts get checked by the experienced mechanics prior to add into the inventory. Pick a part from our salvage yard or book a part online and we send it to your door. Freight charges could be extra. Get more information about second hand car parts online. Do you have an old car that you no longer use at all? Are you looking for highest Cash for Car Wrecker services in Brisbane Southside area? Cash For Cars  & Car Removal, Car Wreckers, Cash For Cars Near Me, Cash For Cars Gold coast

Brisbane Auto Wreckers will pay you highest amount of on spot cash for your Junk Car Wrecker services and will also remove the scrap vehicle from your parking location freeing up the space for you at the same time. We have efficient business channels that allow us to deal with your vehicles in a sustainable way and also offer free towing and free on-spot car or vehicle assessment services bringing high value for money. Our easy Auto Wrecker processes complete your Scrap Car Removal service in the same day leaving you with a pocket full of cash that you can use for your next car purchase in Brisbane Southside.

Brisbane North Side Auto Wreckers

Do you want on-spot cash for your old Auto Car Wrecking service in Northside? Do you have an old non-usable and non-repairable damage or broken car in your garage that you need removed? Brisbane Auto Wreckers is the top choice for you. We cover all of Brisbane North Side area and our top quality Car Wrecker services not only remove your junk car from your parking but also pay up highest amount of on-spot cash that can be used towards the next vehicle purchase. We provide same day Cash for Car Wrecker services in most of Queensland and client satisfaction with friendly service and highest quality car removals are some of our proud offerings. We offer service in other Major cities across the globe. In Canada, Vancouver Mega cash for cars offers top car removal  across Vancouver BC. Feel free to give us a call at 0426 000 722 or one of our crew members for free junk car removals will get back to you within 12 hours or sooner. Please explain about your car as much as possible so we can come up with the accurate estimation. Especially, the vehicle’s condition, age and VIN number. Visit our we pay cash for cars

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