How much do scrap yards pay for cars in Melbourne?

When the repair expenses of an automobile go beyond the normal budget of the owners, then it is said to have entered the scrap stage of its life. This is usually the last stage of a vehicle’s life, after which it either gets completely eaten by rust or left to deteriorate somewhere on the property or landfill.

Therefore, if you have a scrap old vehicle, you would be best advised to sell it your local Car Wreckers in Melbourne. They will buy the junk vehicle off you and shred it for parts which will be sold as second hand. The leftover is completely crushed and sold to scrap metal recycling companies for reuse. Consequently, they will also pay you a good amount of cash in return.


However, there are certain factors these outfits take into consideration while paying cash for old, used or junk automobiles. Here are some handy tips to ensure that you get paid top cash when selling your vehicle to the auto wreckers in Melbourne:

Figuring out an accurate value for your vehicle

When once-a-fine vehicle enter the world of scrap automobiles. It doesn’t really mean that its each and every component is completely useless or trash. This is far from the truth. Because the fact of the matter is that even if an automobile is half or full eaten by rust. It will still have a number of parts and components in it that can be salvaged and sold for great value.

However, the accuracy of the cash assessment will depend on the list of parts that can be pulled off from it. The actual car valuation of the automobile can be also assessed by calculating the fall in its price from the time when it was bought. It can usually be determined by deducting the cost of repair from the original price of the auto.

Assess the value of the vehicle

The age of the automobile, its make, model, odometer reading as well as overall condition are the important aspects that dictate the value of the vehicle. However, if the condition of the automobile is too far gone that it is beyond repair. Then auto wreckers will usually value it on the basis of its weight as scrap metal. Check out how much do Wreckers buy cars for in Melbourne.

All of these variable play a major role when making an estimate on how much an old vehicle is worth.


Get estimates from several Old Auto Wreckers

Once you have decided to sell your junk car to a reliable auto wrecking company. You would be excited to know how much they will pay for your vehicle. This is when you can request a free quotation from them. You will just need to tell them your automobile’s make, model, age and condition. Their experts will give you a rough assessment based on that.

However, just make sure to ring a couple of companies and get a quote from them. And after getting multiple quotes you can compare and easily choose a company offering the maximum quote. Hire Vehicle wreckers and save your time and money while selling a car.

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