How to deal with a totalled car?

When a vehicle is smashed in a major accident, the aftermath is often devastating. The most distressing thing is that even the insurance company may declare it as a complete write-off and at the end of the day you may have to see it going in a heap of waste scrap. However, it can be really overwhelming to say goodbye to your beloved vehicle, even if it is no more in a good shape. However the main questions is that who buys totalled cars? The good news is that there are plenty of good options to deal with a totalled car. Here they are-

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Take the money from your insurance company

When you will visit the insurance company. The insurer will analyse the condition of your totalled automobile and let you know its worth. After assessing your vehicle as well as the cost of repairs. It will need, the insurer will decide whether to deem it as a complete write-off or not. In case if the condition of the automobile is no more repairable. The insurer will draw a check for the value of the vehicle. However, different insurance companies use their own ways to declare a car as totalled.

But all vehicles that have been damaged in a collision may not be completely useless or smashed flat to a crisp. Even older vehicles with only a minor body damage may sometimes cost more to repair and fix.

Get your car repaired

If your vehicle has been damaged in an accident, but still running safely, there is no need to file a claim. It may be smart to keep it and take it to an auto-repair shop and get it repaired on your own dime. This is the best option, if you have a vehicle that is too old that a claim won’t get you enough money.

Keep your vehicle, but don’t get it repaired

Sometimes even a minor dent on the side of an automobile can be fixed with a paint job that will cost a thousand of dollars. Likewise, even a hail damaged automobile that has been declared as a total loss and have dented roof and hood can be operated safely. If your automobile has only cosmetic damage. It can be still driven. It may be best to keep it with you.

Sell it at a Salvage yard

You can make some really good cash out of your smashed automobile by selling it to the Car Wreckers. Just make sure to choose a salvage yard that is well-licensed and insured and offer free towing services. Also make sure to research about the value of your automobile to avoid scams related to junk auto buyers.

Donate it

You can also choose to donate the vehicle to a local donation service and expect to get a free removal service. The outfit may sell your vehicle for parts or reuse it for some useful purpose. They will give you a tax deduction equal to the automobile’s depreciated value.

Salvage your car for parts

After buying a totalled automobile, the insurance agency sells it for salvage. Even you can try to salvage your car for parts. If you think you can make more money out of it than your insurance company would pay you. This is probably the best option, if you have good knowledge of automobiles and want to use the salvaged parts in any other vehicle. Either way you can also sell it to a salvage yard. If you don’t have enough time to put efforts in selling your vehicle for parts.

In conclusion, all of the above options have their own pros and cons. So before you decide on how to deal with your totalled automobile, take your time and research to decide the best option for you.

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